Thank you so much for your workshop facilitation last week
– beautifully structured, articulate, fastidious, respectful …. And so clearly reasoned. It has been the best PD I have experienced. And I’m getting on a bit now!
University of Otago College of Education, 2022.

I just wanted to mihi to you for your time, expertise and energy over the past two days. I knew your course was quality, but to hear the feedback from students has been wonderful. For some, it’s really been transformational in their personal journeys with Kaupapa Māori. That’s what it’s all about!

New Zealand Broadcasting School, 2022.

I found your two day course transformational. I feel like a better person for it. More prepared to have conversations about how we move forward and more grounded in my place as a New Zealander.

Environment Canterbury, 2020.

I think if we could bring how we feel at the end of days like this to our practice everyday, the health of all our patients would be a lot better.

This has been by far the very best bi-cultural training/education opportunity I have had throughout my 20+ year social work career.

Social Workers, series of workshops, 2020.

These Tiriti workshops are  a powerful medium to build relationships in a safe environment that does not judge but supports the growth of knowledge. The workshop which Sharon delivers gives a balanced perspective on the Tiriti in a non confrontational way and yet the underlying message is very clear which challenges us to think about the young history of our country of where we have come from to “where to” for the future. My involvement with the program provides another dimension of a lived perspective that gives a true account of the treaty partnership from both sides.

Kaumātua, Bio-Protection Research Centre, Lincoln University, 2020

You have inspired me to think deeper about my culture, my bias, why things are how they are/norms within my practice and organisation … I will push for equity and embrace culture within my work.

Dietitian’s workshop, 2019

A brilliant workshop that makes the Treaty alive and relevant to midwifery. I will take away resources to use in conversations about honouring Te Tiriti in institutional settings and document and policy writing.

Midwifery workshop, 2018

I enjoyed learning about the treaty, because I now realise things that happened and how we are fixing them.

I liked learning about the treaty (texts) and how they were so different, it was really interesting to see the differences.

I think our history is so cool to learn about and it’s very interesting and everyone of us should learn about it.

Year 7/8 student reflections, Treaty workshop 2018

Thank-you for running such an interesting, informative and supportive workshop. I’ve been to a number of Treaty workshops which only served to increase my misunderstanding and frustration with the treaty. I wish this had been the first workshop I had been to, as I will leave this workshop with empathy, understanding and passion to embrace Māori culture and values. I believe this will have a huge impact on who I am and how I see, interact and support Māori values and history in my role at ECAN and beyond.

Environment Canterbury, 2017

Watching and listening to you deliver your mahi has given me hope, that we as a nation can find a way to move forward together … it has given me a chance to grow and especially reflect on my own life and future decisions for my whānau.

Selwyn Community Workshop, 2017

I liked the varied, interactive approach …this workshop has inspired me to embrace the treaty as a partner rather than just an observer.

Christchurch City Council,  2016

I felt safe to ask questions, guilt free and I’m excited about the future for New Zealand.

Selwyn District Council,  2016

Some of the layers covered will be of definite use within my area of work, it gives a lot more depth of perspective in relation to the RMA and other plans and policy documents.

ECAN, 2016

Loved the connection made with current issues, right at the start, to demonstrate that this issue is alive and kicking in our contemporary world, and why.

Teachers’ workshop, 2016.

The whole workshop was stimulating and full of information. I’ve done several workshops over my working life, as well as studying NZ history at university and still learned more. I especially appreciated the Ngāi Tahu perspective and how things happened here in Te Wai Pounamu and why and how they were different from what was happening up North.

CCC Workshop, 2016

Thought facilitator was brilliant, made reason in an area full of anger, misunderstanding and suspicion.

CCC, 2016

The 2 days were facilitated in a relaxed, non-confrontational style which incorporated a wide variety of ways to engage with the material and information.

Public workshop, 2015