Treaty of Waitangi Workshops.

A Treaty workshop aims to provide an environment for people to address the Treaty and its implications in a safe, participatory process.

Why the Treaty is relevant and important, personally and professionally, is addressed by learning our country’s story. The importance of this is captured as follows : today’s society and challenges didn’t just suddenly appear, it is a result of our history. A historical perspective can help us to navigate and understand the present and assist us in our thinking for the future.

The workshop format honours the relationships within the group and discussion is a valued part of the process, so the many and varied questions participants bring with them can be explored.

Treaty Education runs workshops for local government, various education and health organisations, youth sector and community groups.

Treaty Education is able to create a workshop that will fit the needs of your organisation.

Length and Cost.

Workshops vary in length, from half a day through to two days.

The following factors determine the cost of a workshop; size of group, length of workshop, how many workshops are required and the specific needs of your organisation.

Please email Treaty Education for further details.

Public Workshops.

One day public workshops are available for individuals at an affordable cost.

Please email Treaty Education, for further details, if you are interested in this option.